Support Ministries

Armor Bearers

Armor Bearers are designed to provide various levels of support to the Bishop, the First Family and designated guests. Due to the sensitive nature of the Armor Bearer's responsibilities, these individuals are selected by Bishop Kelsey.

Elder Christopher Boggs, Director / Team Operations

Minister Ernest Jenkins, Sr., Team Leader

Core Stewards

The Core Stewards provide leadership as it relates to fiduciary and governance matters of New Samaritan Baptist Church. 

Elder Addie Gordon-Monroe, Lead Core Steward

Sister Cheryle Greenaugh

Minister Ernest Jenkins, Sr.

Brother Henry Thomas

Elder Michele Ridgley

Brother Dexter Gaines

Creative Development Team

CDT is a team that serves as a collaborative task force comprised of ministry leaders associated with Media, Music and Arts and Marketing to ensure we are progressing creatively and efficiently with regards to NSBC Virtual and Physical Experience. CDT helps NSBC ministries by: providing creative input where needed and requested; creating all graphics and materials for NSBC external programming; updating and maintaining the church website; and holding tech meetings to ensure all are on one accord for the service or event.

Sister Belynda J. Jones, Ministry Lead

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry is designed to provide food services for the congregation, special services, and events. In addition, this ministry provides internship for youth and others interested in the culinary arts.

Brother Gregory Clark, Ministry Lead

Discipleship Services Ministry

The Discipleship Services Division is designed to orient new disciples to the various ministries of the church.  In addition, this ministry provides direction for all NSBC disciples to become integrated into the church family and serve in ministry.

Sister Ellen Freeman, Director

Vacant – Administrative Support

The Altar Workers Team is designed to provide direction during the Invitation to Discipleship by warmly receiving the new disciples. In addition, the altar workers minister to the needs of the new disciples and facilitate their spiritual growth and development.

Elder Nathan Gray, Sr., Team Lead


Sister Ellen Freeman – Team Lead

Vacant, Team Lead


The Data Entry & Automation Team is designed to input New Member Profiles into the church database, maintain the member profile updates and changes, and perform membership record queries regarding baptism and the Right Hand of Fellowship.

Sister Ellen Freeman, Team Lead

The Follow-Up Callers Team is designed to maintain contact with new disciples during their first month after joining NSBC to provide prayer, support and guidance.  In addition, they make at least one follow up contact with those who come forward for salvation or prayer.

Vacant, Team Lead

After completing the required discipleship classes, new disciples who have been baptized, receive the Right Hand of Fellowship (RHF) making them official members of NSBC.  The RHF team notifies those scheduled to receive RHF, takes pictures of new disciples for our database and forwards contact information to ministry leaders regarding new disciples who have joined their ministry.

Vacant, Team Lead

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry is designed to provide and maintain all audio and visual services for NSBC. In addition, this ministry provides photography services as requested and oversight for NSBC’s broadcasts.

Sister Eather Chapman Waldon, Director

S.A.L.T. (Social Action Leadership Team)

S.A.L.T. is designed to stay well-informed on the social and community issues that directly impact NSBC, the parishioners, and the surrounding community and to communicate those issues to the church leadership.  In addition, this ministry stays abreast of national current events.

Angela Wood, Ministry Lead

Sister Frances Willis, Co-Lead

Scholarship Ministry

The Scholarship Ministry is designed to coordinate church-wide and community partnership efforts to raise funds to financially support NSBC members enrolled in undergraduate and graduate schools.  In addition, this ministry provides resource information on financial aid.

Sister Patricia Prude, Co-Lead

Sister Tracey Robinson, Co-Lead

Security Ministry

The Security Ministry is designed to provide safety for the Pastor, leaders, and parishioners during worship services and events.|

Deaconess Edwyn Corley, Ministry Lead

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry is designed to provide transportation for NSBC parishioners who require travel assistance to attend church services and NSBC activities.

Deacon Robert M. Woods, Ministry Lead

Deacon Clarence Lee, Co-Lead


The Ushers Ministry is designed to welcome and serve all parishioners and visitors attending worship services and all events held at NSBC. This ministry focuses on comfortable, available seating and assistance for all, and also provides Godly instruction to all for the ministry of the tithes and all offerings.

Sister Charlene Batts, Leader

Minister Julius Dinkins

Brother Howard Clark

Sister Marsha King