Deacons & Deaconess

Deacons Ministry

The Deacon Ministry provides support to the pastoral and ministerial staff in serving the needs of the congregation and supports the overall vision for the church.  The Deacon Ministry assists the pastor in administering the ordinances of the church (Baptism & Communion).  In addition, this ministry contacts, prays for, and visits parishioners who are sick and shut-in to advance their spiritual and physical well-being

          Deacon Robert Woods - Chairman     

          Deacon Carl McFadgion- 1st Vice Chairman  

          Deacon Clarence - Treasurer
          Deacon Akosoa - Secretary

          Deacon Kelvin Allison
          Deacon Larry Clyburn
          Deacon Marion Cohen
          Deacon Talmadge George
          Deacon James Jenkins
          Deacon Charles Johnson
          Deacon Lisa Johnson
          Deacon Quentin Monroe
          Deacon Charles Montgomery
          Deacon Michael Price
          Deacon Thadus Roberts
          Deacon Ernestine Southerland
          Deacon Carter Williams

Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry works in partnership with the Deacons in preparing for baptism and communion, praying for parishioners, and visiting the sick and shut in for support and encouragement. 

         Deaconess Mary Williams - Chairperson

        Deaconess Edwyn Corley - Vice Chairperson

         Deaconess Theresa Gadson
         Deaconess Louise George
         Deaconess Virginia Higgins
         Deaconess Jessie Kelsey
         Deaconess Mary Monts