Ministry of Helps

Escort Ministry

The Escort Ministry escorts and assist parishioners who attend worship services. This ministry ensures safety for all who enter and exit the church property. In addition, this ministry also oversees the parking arrangements on the church lots.

Brother Gary Williams, Lead

Evangelism Ministry

The Fishers of Men Evangelism Ministry is designed to equip the saints to evangelize the world by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through the In Reach, Up Reach, and Out Reach concept.  Evangelism is a priority at NSBC and is an intricate part of each and every sub-ministry. The goal of this ministry is to reach out to others and draw people to Jesus Christ.  An outreach activity of the Ministry is a monthly Worship Service at Central Union Mission.

Brother James Massey
4R Recruitment Lead

Central Union Outreach
Elder Nathan Gray, Coordinator

Minister Barbara Bigelow, Lead

Final Touch Ministry

The Final Touch Ministry is designed to assist families during times of bereavement and grief. This ministry sponsors workshops and seminars to educate the church on various areas related to death, grief, and terminal illnesses. Final Touch also conducts all funeral conferences to assist the NSBC parishioners with funeral arrangements.

Elder Darline Merriwether,  Lead

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry welcomes attendees and to ensure a level of comfort for all. This ministry exhibits compassion, love, and warmth to parishioners, visitors, and invited guests with a direct effort to accommodate and meet the needs of all.

LaVerne Johnson

Intercessory Ministry

The Mission of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is designed to Cover our Covering, Bishop and Elder Kelsey, as watchmen, interceding daily in Prayer, for Kingdom Wisdom, Knowledge, and Protection; and for the First Family, the Vision of the House, Ministry Leaders, Congregation, Community, City, Nation and the World.

Pastor Gloria Goode Hilliard, Lead

Kindred Love Ministry

The Kindred Love Ministry is designed to provide services and resources to assist the bride and/or groom in wedding and reception planning, as well as the execution of all wedding coordination with ease and comfort.

Lead: TBD - Vacant

Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry is designed to provide help, service, and assistance to those who are in need. The Missionaries visit nursing homes and serve the NSBC church family and others through various channels that include the provision of clothing, food, Bibles, and other items as the need arises while promoting encouragement and sharing the love of Jesus Christ to meet physical and spiritual needs. This ministry also sponsors (1) THE SHARE FOOD PROGRAM; (2) THE AGAPE CLOTHES CLOSET; and (3) THE FEED THE HOMELESS INITIATIVE

Sister Denise E. Clyburn, Director

Sister Arnetta Belton, Lead

Sister Denise E. Clyburn, Director

Sister Susan Harper, Lead

Nurse's Ministry

The Nurses Ministry provides first aid and other limited medical services to the congregation during worship services and events.

Sister Rickie Lorraine Kennedy, Lead 

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