School of Ministry

Adult Sunday School

Sunday School is an important part of the Christian faith for adults. It is a time to learn about God and His teachings, and to fellowship with other Christians. It is a source of comfort and guidance in our lives. It also provides a place for adults to connect with other Christians and build relationships. Our Adult Class meets on Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM for an intensive examination of the Word. They are led by a rotation of teachers using the Urban Ministries curriculum. Adults of all ages are welcomed!

Senior Saint's Bible Study

The Senior Saints Ministry was started to give those members of our church another place to study the Bible and travel together on trips and events. It started off with people in their 70s and above who gathered for Bible study once a week. They also came together for an annual luncheon hosted by Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. Trips and fun events were a staple of their gatherings. In later years, and to be more inclusive, the Senior Saints Ministry recruited those as young as 60.

The leadership of the ministry is divided between two persons, one of whom is responsible for planning and producing the Bible study and the other leader does the management of the ministry including but not limited to providing resources available to seniors.

We also have welcomed seniors from many neighborhood churches from all denominations who join us each time we meet or travel. Some churches have started their own senior groups as a result of their connection with us.

Presently, we meet biweekly for Bible study in person and virtually. We start with coffee and end with a light lunch. Often we celebrate our gatherings with huge luncheons.
We are grateful for our time together, and the church that allows us to come together in this manner. 

We pray and support our church as we are in many cases the population with the most longevity at our church. Because we carry the wisdom banner for our church, we plan to always be available to seniors, primarily with all kinds of needs and requirements.

Elder Sandra Willis, Lead

Sister Andrea Turner, Lead

Live Conversations with Bishop & Elder

"Live Conversations" is a midweek virtual Bible Study discussion with Bishop & Elder Kelsey designed to impart, teach, instruct, and bring enthusiasm and insightful study from the Word of God.  Our Live Conversations are power-packed discussions of relevant biblical principles. Every Wednesday at 7 pm, on Facebook Live and YouTube. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our IG & YouTube Channels to join the conversations!

Small Groups

New Samaritan Small Groups are designed to develop disciples, cultivate community, and foster fellowship. We develop disciples through Bible study, devotions, prayer, and worship. We cultivate community by growing in relationship to God together.  We foster fellowship by getting to know one another intimately as brothers and sisters in Christ.

NSBC Small groups come in all shapes but in small sizes of around 5-10 people. Our groups can be a bible study, book club, running group, etc. Every small group includes hospitality, prayer, and discussion to help participants make friends, make disciples, and make a difference. Groups typically meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly if necessary, for 60-90 minutes each session. We meet anywhere from 4 to 8 consecutive sessions. Small groups meet where it is comfortable and convenient: home, church, café, etc. We are creative and mindful of spaces or environments that help foster community, confidentiality, conversation, and connection


School of Ministry

Why take a class?

Here at New Samaritan Baptist Church, we believe in being constant learners. While community groups are great for weekly fellowship, fostering relationships among our members and accountability—classes offer something more.

Short term classes / small groups focus on specific topics or areas of interest, allowing you to dive deeper and expand your knowledge base. Some are free while others involve a cost for materials. We encourage you to take a step of faith and sign up for one. Bring a friend!