Our Church Covenant

As a community of baptized believers, we are bound together by our love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and our gratitude for His ultimate sacrifice for our undeniable sin.

We confess our faith in one God in three Persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. As God’s people, we reverence and worship Him.
We commit ourselves to cultivating habits of holiness through the practice of public and private prayer; the study of God’s Holy Word; participation in corporate worship; and partaking in Holy Communion. This we do by God’s grace and power.
We commit our loyalty to Christ and His Church, refraining from any alliance which compromises our Christian walk and witness.
We protect the unity of the New Samaritan family by submitting to set leadership and supporting our vision to be a “Church of Compassion, Conviction and Connection”.

Therefore we follow biblical principles for establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, encouraging the best in one another and avoiding actions and attitudes that cause hurt or division.
We commit to practice the principles of Christian stewardship for the glory of God and the growth of the church. This we do by God’s grace and power.  As God’s people, we express the life of Christ in the world. We honor and support the sanctity of biblical marriage between a man and a woman and the priority of family.

We commit ourselves to value and nurture children, guiding them to faith in Christ. We strive to be responsible citizens; just and honest in all our dealings and relationships.

Most of all, we seek to always demonstrate God’s love in a manner that draws others into a relationship with Christ and equips believers to advance the Kingdom of God. This we do by God’s grace and power.

We Believe God Has Called Us To Be A Dynamic Ministry